• Who Adjusts Chiropractors?

    Commonly Asked Question: When a chiropractor is in need of getting adjusted, who takes care of them?

    Answer: Chiropractors take care of each other!

    There are a handful of Activator Method chiropractors in the Seattle area that take care of each other. Since Dr. Shepherd is an instructor for Activator Method seminars, and an advanced proficiency rated Activator Method chiropractor, he has been able to network with a lot of the doctors that practice in the area. We have chiropractors come to our office to get adjusted from Bonney Lake, Redmond, Seattle, and from out of state when they are traveling through Seattle.

    For Chiropractors, they know the importance of keeping themselves healthy and functioning so that they can do the same thing for their patients. Dr. Shepherd understands the importance of maintenance care, which is why he tries to get adjusted once a week. Even if he is feeling great, he will always have a fellow chiropractor check him out to make sure he is functioning at his best! The goal of maintenance care is to keep people healthy and active!

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  • Posted by Ardis on July 10, 2014, 3:56 am

    Great post. I recognize that DC on the table. So glad you are in the area now for reciprocal chiropractic care.

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