• What’s your position?

    To celebrate Posture Month in May here are some facts and tips for you about posture!
    Did you know that when you are in a poor postural position the following symptoms can occur?
    -Inhibits Blood Flow to and from the heart

    -Stifles breathing and diaphragm function

    -Shortens Muscles in front of the body

    -Stresses the low back

    -Hyperextends Back Muscles

    -Closes off throat and windpipe

    -Constricts the voice

    -Habituates bending forward

    -Adds pressure to kidneys, adrenals, colon, and stomach

    -Invites Osteoporosis

    -Inhibits learning

    -Inhibits cerebral spinal fluid flow

    -Impedes nerve force from the spine

    -Restricts solar plexus (abdominal brain)

    Trying to kick the bad posture habit? Try these tricks throughout your day at work.

    -Set an alarm every hour to remind yourself to maintain a better posture

    -Take short, frequent breaks to get up and walk around

    -Alternate between sitting and standing

    -Stretch often to help relax and open up stressed and tense muscles

    -Visit your Chiropractor

    -Get a massage

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