• Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

    I began experiencing neck pain and shoulder pain about two years ago.  Being in my late 20’s and experiencing intense pain, I knew something was wrong.  I was having trouble carrying my grocery bags, exercising and even working at my job.

    I began my search for a chiropractor and discovered Shepherd Family Chiropractic on Yelp!  Dr. Shepherd had great reviews so I called to make an appointment.

    Since beginning care I am experiencing improved movement in my neck and shoulders.  I have also noticed that my sleep has improved and that I have more energy and better focus!  I also feel more stable and grounded in my body.

    I have never enjoyed going to a doctor’s appointment but Dr. Shepherd and Cheryl always make me feel comfortable.  I always have a wonderful experience and can honestly say that I like going to my chiropractic appointments!

    -AS, Queen Anne; Seattle, WA

  • Chronic Back Pain

    For several years I have been dealing with chronic back pain and a year ago I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury along with bicep tendonitis.  I saw my MD and an orthopedic doctor, who recommended physical therapy for the rotator cuff injury (no recommendations for my chronic back pain).

    During this time I would occasionally use ibuprofen and often used heat, which only offered moderate results.

    I found Dr. Shepherd through the Activator Methods website.  Since beginning care my neck and shoulder pain have improved with reduced tension. My low back is now stable and asymptomatic.  I find that my upper back pain and right shoulder pain continue to improve.  I have found that using Chiropractic, physical therapy and massage helps to keep me stable.

    After getting my chiropractic adjustment I always leave feeling better and have enjoyed the process to get myself aligned and stronger to maintain my active lifestyle!

    -RW, Queen Anne; Seattle, WA

  • Jaw Pain and Neck Pain Gone

    In 2009 I had my braces removed.  I began experiencing jaw pain, neck pain and headaches.  Over the years I had seen several chiropractors, a TMJ specialist, physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, orthodontists and dentists.  Their collective recommendations were to use oral splints, permanent splints (glued in for up to one year), spinal adjustments, massage therapy, moving teeth slightly forward, crowns, fillings and exercise.

    The cemented splint worked wonders for me but I was only allowed to have it in for up to one year.  The removable splints worked well too.  Massage helped temporarily.  I wasn’t feeling fond of the idea of getting crowns or having any of my teeth moved so I opted out of those suggestions.  Ibuprofen, however, was my best friend after having the splint removed.  I know, though, that taking Ibuprofen was not a permanent solution.

    Dr. Stepanka Chae referred me to see Dr. Shepherd.  I am amazed with the transformation over the past eight months as I have noticed great improvement!  I feel taller, straighter and happier.  I experience less body aches and less allergy symptoms.  My knees and back hurt at times but one quick adjustment and the pain is gone!  I no longer need to take Ibuprofen for pain.

    My favorite day of the week is my chiropractic appointment day as I get to see Cheryl and Dr. Shepherd.  I always leave feeling better.  Cheryl is the sweetest and is most welcoming with her warm and upbeat personality.  Dr. Shepherd is the best chiropractor I have been to (and I have seen many) in regard to solving my pain issues.

    -RA, Magnolia; Seattle, WA

  • Pregnant and NO Back Pain

    I was 36 weeks pregnant and experiencing severe sacroiliac pain.  With every step I took I experienced horrible pain.  I was in such obvious pain that people would stare at me when walking down the street.  Moving from the couch to the bathroom was more than I could handle.

    I decided to see a Chiropractor and discovered Dr. Shepherd on Yelp.  I read his positive reviews so I called and made an appointment.  After two weeks of chiropractic care with Dr. Shepherd I felt like a normal person again!  I can actually walk without pain!

    I am so grateful for my experience at Shepherd Family Chiropractic.  I cannot believe how much relief my visits have brought me.  I also appreciate that Dr. Shepherd saw how much pain I was in and actually cared about my feeling better.

    I had no idea a Chiropractor could help me so much.  I am feeling so much better that I am now actually enjoying my last weeks of being pregnant!

    – LS, Queen Anne; Seattle, WA

  • Knee Pain and Back Pain Gone

    I had been experiencing knee pain and back pain for most of my life.  I saw a medical doctor for the back pain.  He suggested physical therapy which included stretches and exercises.  I did not feel any improvement in my back.  I ended up having surgery to repair torn cartilage in my knee.  This did cause improvement in my knee pain.  However, it never completely healed and now it is feeling much better.  Last Spring I dislocated my knee and it was having trouble healing before the accident.  I was running two miles every morning and after the accident my knee would start hurting after 1/4 mile.  However, now I am building back up to running two miles and my knee has been doing better since beginning chiropractic care.

    In December I began experiencing hip pain.  A colleague referred me to Dr. Shepherd, who just happens to be in the same building that I work.  My back is now less painful and I find that I now have more mobility.

    Prior to receiving chiropractic care I would get terrible headaches due to neck pain.  Dr. Shepherd discovered that my jaw was contributing to the headaches.  He would adjust my jaw and neck and now I find that headaches don’t bother me much anymore!

    I have noticed several other health improvements since beginning chiropractic care as well!

    – MP, Interbay; Seattle, WA


  • Better Balanced Energy

    About 10 years ago I began experiencing knee pain. I sought treatment from my medical doctor, who prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and referred me to a physical therapist. I received good results as there was less inflammation and the physical therapy exercises improved my range of motion. Although I was feeling better I wondered if I couldn’t achieve more improvement.

    I met Dr. Shepherd through the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce. I visited his office to take a tour and to learn more about his office and the Activator Method. I decided to make an appointment!

    I came to the office to receive treatment for my knee but since beginning care I have noticed that my diaphragm is more relaxed and my neck and jaw tension has been reduced. When Dr. Shepherd checks my leg length I am showing that I am even more often than not. I have more flexibility in my hips and more freedom of movement in my pelvis when I walk. My energy seems more balanced throughout my entire system!

    Dr. Shepherd’s office has a quiet, gentle, healing environment. It seems everyone receives excellent interpersonal care. This is a small practice with a truly personal touch. I feel I am treated as a whole person and not just a diagnosis.

    – LF, Madison Park; Seattle, WA

  • Activator Method of Adjusting

    I had been experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain for about a year.  I had seen an orthopedic doctor who recommended seeing a chiropractor.  I was receiving manual manipulations and was prescribed exercises but I received little relief.  I decided to try another method of chiropractic adjusting and found Dr. Shepherd, who uses the Activator Method of Adjusting.

    My shoulder pain has all but disappeared and my back feels looser and stronger.  Through chiropractic care and the support of the whole office, I have a heightened sense of my body and health.  This has had an overall positive impact not just on my back but on my stress and anxiety levels!  I’ve noticed that I haven’t been as affected by the post-holiday blues.

    Dr. Shepherd has gone above-and-beyond his regular office duties.  He visited our office to conduct an ergonomic analysis of our desks and chairs and helped to insure that we got the right equipment.  Cheryl has been super helpful with the insurance and the whole office has a calming and positive effect.  I also like the commitment to well-being with the holiday “games” focused on gratitude, family and joy!

    – KR; Woodinville, WA

  • No More Neck Pain

    I was experiencing neck pain on a daily basis.  I attended a presentation called “The Astonishing Dr. You” at Mirabella Seattle Retirement Community.   After listening to the presentation I decided to call Dr. Shepherd’s office for an appointment.

    Regular treatments (initially coming in two times per week for adjustments) for several months have reduced and eliminated my neck pain!  A secondary condition I had been dealing with, low back pain, has also been reduced with adjustments and exercises that Dr. Shepherd prescribed specifically for me to help strengthen my lower back.

    Everyone at Shepherd Family Chiropractic is very polite and friendly!  I have appreciated their interest in me and their level of care.  I will recommend this family practice to anyone I know suffering from neck pain or back pain that can be taken care of by a chiropractor!

    – ED, Queen Anne; Seattle, WA

  • Relief From Neck Pain!

    I met Dr. Shepherd at a Business Networking International (BNI) meeting a few months ago.  I had been experiencing neck pain and after a conversation with Dr. Shepherd, I thought that Chiropractic might help to give me relief.

    I have made good progress since beginning chiropractic care.  For me, identifying the various back and shoulder pain was difficult, but Dr. Shepherd was able to find and address the “hot spots”!

    Dr. Shepherd has been fantastic!  He is patient and thorough.  He recommended specific exercises that have helped to strengthen the weakness in my lower back (which I didn’t even realize I was dealing with).  Wow!  I felt a difference in lowering my pain level right away.

    I highly recommend Shepherd Family Chiropractic.  In addition to being professional and knowledgeable, they are genuinely nice people!  Five Stars!

    -HSR, Everett, WA

  • Maintaining Workout Routine

    Ten years ago I began experiencing low back pain; four years ago neck pain and most recently thumb pain.  I have seen many chiropractors over the years.  Their recommendation for me was high velocity adjustments and orthopedic inserts for my shoes.  I would find some relief for one to two weeks but the pain would always return.  I would take ibuprofen and/or naproxen during the acute pain episodes.

    I participated in a class that Dr. Shepherd taught at Bastyr University where I learned more about the Activator Technique.  I love this technique of managing structural integrity!  I feel that this technique is gentle and way more effective than any other treatments I have had!

    Since beginning care with Dr. Shepherd I have noticed a reduction of nasal congestion and an overall improvement of my immune system.  I have begun working out again and because I am no longer getting sore after workouts I find that I can maintain a workout schedule!  I am sleeping more comfortably because I no longer have knee pain that is associated with lumbar/pelvis displacement.  I am no longer experiencing neck pain nor thumb pain!

    – CC, Shoreline, WA