This week we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of having our practice open in Seattle! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped us make our first year a successful one! 

    Thank you to everyone who helped us to move our practice across the country from Maine to Seattle so that we could be closer to our family! After 32 years of practicing in Maine, we made the decision to sell the practice and start over again in Seattle!

    Thank you to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce, and Business Networking International for welcoming us into the community and introducing us to so many new businesses and friendly faces!

    Thank you to our friends and family who helped us move across the country, find a new place to practice, helped us set up our beautiful new office space, and supported us every step of the way.

    Thank you to our patients! We would not be here without you and it has been such an honor and privilege to be able to take care of you and be a part of your wellness plan, and your families. We are so happy to be a part of this new community here in Seattle!

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  • Posted by Ardis on June 12, 2014, 5:09 am

    Congratulations on reaching this first year milestone in Seattle. It’s been great having you here.

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