• What’s your position?

    To celebrate Posture Month in May here are some facts and tips for you about posture! Did you know that when you are in a poor postural position the following symptoms can occur? -Inhibits Blood Flow to and from the heart -Stifles breathing and diaphragm function -Shortens Muscles in front of the body -Stresses the

  • Balancing the Body

    What do Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, and Usain Bolt all have in common? They all receive chiropractic adjustments Competitive athletes understand the importance of making sure that their bodies are in the best shape possible in order to deliver a top performance. When a piece of the puzzle is missing in their health and training

  • Getting Back on Track

    What do you hope to do better or enjoy more when you regain your health? At Shepherd Family Chiropractic, one of our goals is to help get you back on track. We believe that health is normal. It is optimal physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Part of

  • Masking vs Addressing

    What are some of the most common dangers of pain medications? While medications can be very helpful in managing acute and chronic pain there are always side effects to be aware of. The top side effects to be aware of include; -Liver Damage -Stomach Damage -Kidney Damage -Addiction (depends on the medication) -Masking a symptom