Spring into Action!

Spring is here! The weather is starting to get nicer, the days a longer, and you can feel summer just around the corner. It’s time to dust off your running shoes and get back into a workout routine.

When starting any new physical activity, it is important to remember to start slow. Don’t hop into an intense, hour long, muscle shredding, weight lifting routine if you haven’t picked up anything heavier than your TV remote over the winter! It’s important to take your time and slowly build up in order to prevent strains and sprains.

Remember to warm up and cool down each time as well. To prevent injuries you need to get your muscles warmed up so that they are ready to take you through your workout. Also, stretch and remember to stay hydrated before, during, and after working out.

Not sure where to get started? Contact our friends over at Fremont Health Club for a list of classes that can help you get back into a routine.

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