• Masking vs Addressing

    What are some of the most common dangers of pain medications? While medications can be very helpful in managing acute and chronic pain there are always side effects to be aware of. The top side effects to be aware of include; -Liver Damage -Stomach Damage -Kidney Damage -Addiction (depends on the medication) -Masking a symptom

  • A Question for You

    This post isn’t as much of a blog post as it is a question we wanted to pose to you. What is the biggest difference between medical care and chiropractic care? There is no right or wrong answer in this case, it is simply our query to you. What differences do you see between medical

  • What is the leading cause of liver damage? You may be surprised!

    This week at the office our Topic of the Week has been, “What is the leading cause of liver damage?”. Surprisingly, the top answer to this question is alcohol. While a very good guess, and indeed excessive, long term use of alcohol does cause liver damage, the actual answer is acedamedifin, also known as Tylenol.

  • Learn To Let Go

    Learn To Let Go

    What is the greatest source of stress in your life? Stress affects all areas of your life and your body. When you are constantly carrying stress, whether physical, chemical, or emotional, it impacts your body’s ability to function at its optimal level. The common symptoms of stress . . . … On your body ·