• Keeping up with your body!

    Ever feel like you can’t keep up with your body and the aches and pains that always seem to come your way? You feel like you just got rid of that ache in your knees only to find that now your neck is tight and tense?! It can be hard to keep up on your

  • Practice Safe Tech!

    Practice Safe Tech! What do you think your posture looks like while you are using your mobile phone? Check this article and video out to see what the rest of America is looking like! Please practice safe tech!  

  • Babies Need Adjustments Too!

    Imagine having someone tug, twist, and pull on your head. Doesn’t sound like it would be very fun, does it?! However, that is exactly what babies go through in the first minutes of their lives! No wonder why so many newborn babies need to be adjusted; birth can be pretty traumatic on their little bodies!

  • Welcome to 2015!

    A New Year is upon us and with it comes the chance to start fresh! If making resolutions is your thing, but sticking to them has proven not to be, then you might want to rethink how you go about making a resolution. First of all, be realistic. Get fun, get creative, and be ambitious