• Today I am thankful for…

    The holidays are upon us and sure, while there is a lot to do, there is also time to take a break, remember what the holiday is really about and be thankful for all you have. This year we made a Thanksgiving tree and had our patients write about what they were thankful for on

  • You’ll be stuck like that one day!

    If you had to guess, how many hours a week do you think you spend looking at your phone? Now, what do you think your posture looks like while you are texting, emailing, or playing a game on your phone? You just sat up a little bit straighter, didn’t you? That’s because you know that

  • The Holiday (stress) Season is Upon Us!

    The holidays are upon us! Cue the holiday songs, strings of white Christmas lights, spiced lattes, shopping, family, and stress! With all that happens during the holiday season, a lot of people find themselves more stressed out than anything else. There are work stresses trying to meet deadlines, family stresses, traveling, financial stress, and so

  • Be Happy Be Healthy

    We are on a mission to help boost your health and happiness! Join us on one of our social media sites over the next 30 days to learn how you can better your health and happiness! By incorporating all of these small ideas into your day-to-day activites you can slowly start to improve your mood,