• Get Back To It: Posture

    With all of the sitting that we are doing these days it is easy to get caught in bad sitting postures which then cause us to have poor standing posture as well! Do you often find yourself hunched over the keyboard, face inches away from the computer screen with your shoulders so close together in

  • Get back to it – for the whole family!

    While you need to make sure that you are getting in your workouts and eating well, it is equally as important that your kids are engaging in physical activities! While they might have been running around all summer, they are now expected to sit for hours on end in school, drastically cutting down on hours

  • Get Back to It! Tips for Healthy Eating!

    Just as exercise is important to keep you healthy and fit, diet is equally important. In order to keep yourself in check with healthy eating you need to schedule it into your routine just like you would with exercising. Planning meals ahead of time and packing lunches for yourself means that you won’t need to

  • Routine It Up!

    Today, school starts! Which means that new routines are starting. Now is the time to put exercise, eating well, and quality time with friends and family into all those new schedules. By making health and wellness, and taking care of yourself a priority right off the bat, you are setting yourself up for a healthy