• Watch out for Unhealthy Health Foods

    Breakfast Cereal, Energy Bars, Bottled Water, Yogurt, Juice, Fat-Free Foods; Are any of these items regularly on your grocery shopping list? Do you take the time to look not only at the ingredients, but also at the sodium and sugar counts on the labels? The word “health” is a marketing tool used to give the

  • Things aren’t always as they seem!

    How many times have you gone along with an idea because it suddenly seemed like the new thing to do or because “they” said it was the latest health craze?! When some new product or idea comes out on the market, how much research do you put into it before deciding if it will be a

  • You Can Adjust That?

    That is the question we hear every time we bring up adjusting someone’s sinuses! Yes, we can adjust sinuses! Yes, they do get out of place! In the winter time when people are dealing with the flu and the sniffles, the sinuses are commonly adjusted. In the summer time when people are dealing with seasonal

  • Who Adjusts Chiropractors?

    Commonly Asked Question: When a chiropractor is in need of getting adjusted, who takes care of them? Answer: Chiropractors take care of each other! There are a handful of Activator Method chiropractors in the Seattle area that take care of each other. Since Dr. Shepherd is an instructor for Activator Method seminars, and an advanced