• “Spring” into Health

    May is fast approaching, the last full month of spring! With the nicer weather and longer days just around the corner, you probably also have summer plans just around the corner! Hopefully your plans include being active and outside, enjoying the beautiful environment that the Pacific Northwest has to offer us! Are you in good

  • Earth Day! Get your conservation on!

    Tuesday, 4.22, marks the celebration of Earth Day! This is a time to reflect on what we are doing, or should be doing, to keep our planet healthy and well! We’ve only got the one, so we should make sure that we can keep it around for a while!  Let’s take it back to the

  • April is Stress Awareness Month!

      Stress… we are all familiar with it. It affects all of us and can take quite a toll on our lives when we become overwhelmed. Stress comes in so many forms, too. We can have physical, emotional, chemical, and environmental stresses constantly bombarding us. Now, I’m sure you are all familiar with environmental stresses!

  • Grow Your Own Health!

    Grow your own health! Spring has arrived and it is time to dust off those gardening tools and shake off those gloves! The ground is soft (due mostly to the rain!) and the sun is coming back out. Right now is a great time to start planning your seasonal gardens.  In fact, did you know