• Chiropractors can do that?!?

    Chiropractic Care: For More than just Back Pain Edwin Shepherd III, D.C. When we hear the word chiropractic we frequently think of lower back pain. But research over the past twenty-five years has shown the effectiveness of Chiropractic care in many other conditions. In 1983 a clinical trial was published that showed a decrease in

  • You only get one of these! Are you protecting it?

    Protect That Brain. You Only Get One! Edwin Shepherd III, D.C. Concussion, which now is termed mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), has been a hot topic in the past two years. The exposure to this topic has been primarily in the area of professional sports. But there is evidence that the problem extends well beyond

  • Quit Eating Pain

    Quit Eating Pain Ed Shepherd, D.C.   Pain gets our attention. When we are in pain the first thing we want to do is to make it go away.  However, pain is a signal, a warning sign that something is not right. The pain we feel is caused by the nervous system and the natural

  • Grocery Shopping Tips!

    What are some Heart Healthy Foods I should be eating? From Heart Healthy Month to just being Healthy! Here are a few tips for your next grocery shopping trip!  Health Finder posted an easy and approachable guideline for you! Remember that it is best to shop along the outer perimeter of grocery stores! There is